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from 1988

We are an agricultural commodity brokerage company and have been working in the sector for over 30 years. Agribusiness Covolato srl works with professionalism in order to favor the best connection between cultivation and trade / transformation of the goods. Thanks to the knowledge of the territory, the market and production technologies and the deep and daily contact with customers, Agribusiness Covolato srl, to date, is one of the most important links between agriculture and industry in North East Italy and beyond. Agribusiness Covolato srl, thanks to the collaboration of the entire team, guarantees the best price for every commercial transaction.


We are registered with the main Italian Grain Associations.

We physically participate in the stock exchanges of Verona, Milan and Bologna and in the main European and international events in the sector.


My  word is my bond.

Our company is focused on increasing the Client's profit and focuses on the growth and consolidation of long-term relationships, providing valuable and continuous solutions. Our business operates on a national, European and international level.

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Our customers are the most important import-export operators in Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Moldova, Serbia.

We are registered with the main Italian Grain Associations . We participate in the  Bags of Verona, Milan and Bologna   and in the main European and international events of the sector. We are in constant direct contact with the market, its availability and its needs.

We participated as supporters at the edition of Cemi 2022 , the most important annual event dedicated to the world of agrocommodities in Italy, a fundamental country in the panorama of international agri-food production, processing and trade.


(Source: Cemi 2022)



Our philosophy is based on a very simple philosophy: "MY WORD IS MY BOND" that is my word is a guarantee. Our skills and the realistic approach that guides us in every business are a guarantee of reliability . Agribusiness Covolato srl keeps its word.

Our main value is trust. We at Agribusiness Covolato srl are convinced that it is not possible to keep the commitments made if there is no trust. We are equally sure that there is no operational choice that is independent of trust. For this reason, we build lasting relationships with our client that go beyond individual commercial relationships, he becomes our partner over time.


Agribusiness Covolato srl strongly believes in the value of sustainability as a pillar for agriculture. It operates by proposing an economically advantageous, environmentally friendly and socially just agriculture.

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