Agribusiness Covolato Srl is a brokerage company in agricultural raw materials that operates, directly and with its partners, in order to promote the best link between cultivation and trade / transformation of the goods. Thanks to the knowledge of the territory, the market and production technologies and to the deep and daily contact with customers, it has become an important link between agriculture and industry in North East Italy and beyond.

Agribusiness Covolato Srl guarantees the best price of every commercial transaction.



Agribusiness Covolato srl has always followed a very simple philosophy: MY WORD IS MY BOND (my word is a guarantee). Our skills and the realistic approach that guides us in every business are a guarantee of reliability. We respect the word given.

Our main value is trust. We are convinced that it is not possible to keep the commitments made if there is no trust. We are equally certain that there is no operational choice that is independent of trust. For this reason we build long lasting relationships with our client that go beyond individual business relationships...the customer, over time, becomes our partner.